Victoria and her nutella. #happykid

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Congratulations to the newest members of Onewsourcejinkiminkiki, jinki-bunny, onewbae, dubumints, jinki-boo, jinkirella, wookey-s/shineesque, jinmoc, onewyoudidnt, and igxasd! We’ll be messaging you all a bit later with further information on the things you’ll need to provide us in order to be added to the blog!

And thank you so much to everybody that sent in an application. We would’ve loved to accept all of the applications that were sent in to us; but ultimately just decided to accept the blogs that we thought were perfect fits for the blog at this point in time. Don’t be discouraged if you weren’t selected; it does not mean that we did not like your blog or the content on it. And when we open up applications again in the future, you are more than welcome (and more-so encouraged) to apply again! :)

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2/ favorite airport fashion: white on white
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his name’s Lee Jinki and he’s cuter than you

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onew in sunglasses for kingleejinki
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